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Jio Prime Offer In present days you can find free jio 4G services offered by the Reliance company. Recently the chairperson of the Reliance Industry has introduced jio new year which is going to be extended till 31st March 2018. The main reason why the plant has been extended is due to the unlimited number of customers accessing jio networks all over India. Many of the jio SIM users are now realizing different offers available in data and call charges. You can find lots of jio users dropping of collectible once the jio 4G is no longer free. And it has been found that they are more than 100 million users for jio services. This service will be very much beneficial for the jio customers in order to access the services till March 31st, 2018.

What is jio Prime

First the jio customers should understand what is jio Prime plan is intended to provide for its uses. Jio Prime is nothing but jio plan that will be available for all the jio customers after March 31st. This is considered to be special plans and will not be available for all the customers. There will be registration needed for the customers in order to enjoy the jio premium plan. Even though the jio premium offer is open for all the users under the registration process. The main aim of the plan is to stop the people from leaving jio network.

Cost of jio Prime

Since the customers should enter into the offer with the help of a registration process they need to pay some fees. Jio Prime is a membership and is similar to that of Amazon prime, and there will be many benefits, but the benefits are available with extra charge. There will be One year subscription that is for 12 months, and you should pay rupees 99.

Benefits of jio Prime

The main benefit of Jio premium membership is to use data plans. If in case you subscribe to jio Prime then you will be eligible for the special offer plants that is available. In this jio plan, the customers should pay rupees 330 per month in order to get unlimited Internet facility. So this unlimited data is referred to as FUP attached plan. The customers will be provided with 1 GB data at full 4G speed. If suppose the user cross the limit than the speed will be reduced. The next day the data speed will be updated to 4G speed automatically.

Jio Prime Benefits

Important updates about Reliance jio prime

There will be many updates available for the Reliance jio Prime membership. It is very much important that the Reliance jio customer should know about the updates of the jio Prime membership which is available for all the jio customers.
1. In this service jio we add an average of nearly 7 customers everyday on its network.
2. The customers can enjoy all the jio traffic plans comma all the domestic voice calls to any network which will always be free for the jio prime.
3. Under the survey, it has been observed that the jio customers are consuming more than hundred crores GB of data per month. Which is comparatively more than that of 3.3 crore GB a day.
4. And the jio will watch the highest selling traffic of all the other Cooperative, and it will also provide 20% more data when compared to that of other operators


How to Register for JIO Prime Membership to get Free Unlimited Internet & Calling Till 2018?

  1. The jio premium membership registration will start from March 1st 2017 onwards.
  2.  So the customers need to wait till the date so that they can start the registrations.
  3. You should check for the registration and know about the payment fees.
  4. At the time of registration of the customers should pay rupees 99 as membership fees.
  5. From March 2017 the customers can get free unlimited benefits with 303 rupees per month till 2017

Reliance Jio Prime Offer @ Rs.99 Join Register For Jio Prime Offer

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