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Jio Prime is a membership for customers who have joined Jio before 31st March 2017. Enrollment for Reliance jio Prime membership plan has been started today, and it will be available until the end of March. So from 1st March that is from today onwards, the jio users can easily register with jio Prime membership plans. Jio Prime plan is an extension of the companies Happy New Year offer which is available for all the users with subscription fees of Rs 99. And there is an additional payment of Rs 303 per month in order to access jio 4G service as well as to enjoy entire jio services till March 31st 2018. The plan of the jio program will also have a FUP limit of 1 GB data per day. Which means that the users will get 30 GB data per month for one year. This is the main reason why most of the jio users are interested in order to and roll with the jio Prime membership program.

In brief about Jio Prime Plan details: 

  • Jio Prime Plan activation charge: Rs 99 (One-time charge)
  • Monthly charge for Prime plan benefits: Rs 303
  • Jio Prime Validity: Till March 31st, 2018
  • Prime Benefits: Same as ‘Happy New Year Offer.’
  • Prime Plan Registration open: Till March 31st, 2017
  • Registration process: Use Recharge option in MyJio app or, Visit JioStore

Benefits of Reliance jio prime membership

  • If you would become a jio Prime member when you will be able to continuously enjoy free services for 1 year.
  • And you will be provided with an exclusive plan of Rs 303 per month in order to enjoy unlimited voice and other services with 1 GB Internet speed per day.
  • You can also get some special discounts and offers on jio in jio partner stores.
  • The subscription is valid for all the jio Prime app for 1 year.
  • The users can also have free access to all the upcoming jio services.

Offers for Jio Prime Members

  • Until March 31, 2018, there would be Jio Media Services full Boquet Offer. This is for one Year Free and is worth Rs. 10,000!
  • The new Line-Up Deals and Offers are only for the Reliance Jio Prime Members.

Jio 4G latest Prime Plans

 Rs 149 plan  2 GB data monthly  30 days
 Rs 303 plan  1 GB data daily  30 days
 Rs 499 plan  2 GB data daily  30 days

Jio Prime registration

Jio General Membership vs Prime membership subscriptions

The uses of the jio service may be getting little confused about the difference between jio general membership and Prime membership services. There is a vast difference between both the type of membership services offered by to Reliance jio. After 31st March for jio users will be categorized into two type of customers.

1. The first category is known as General membership in which you can choose any existing plans are any dynamic traffic plan which will be available in my jio app very soon.
2. And the next category of the customers are known as jio prime numbers which can get access to the benefit of Happy New Year offers that can be activated with the subscription plan of rupees 99 per month and offer is available with monthly charges of Rs 303.

How to become a Jio Prime Member

If you want to subscribe for jio Prime membership when you will be provided with three options in which you can use my jio app or through jio site store. The subscription for jio Prime membership will start from 1st March 2017 onwards.

Subscribe to jio Prime using my Jio app

You will you find the procedure how to subscribe to Jio Prime using my jio app directly from your mobile phone.
1. First you should open my jio app which is available on your 4G mobile.
2. After you open the app you should sign in with your jio mobile number.
3. Then you should click on recharge option which is provided on the home screen.
4. Next, you should select jio Prime membership subscription.
5. Now you will be eligible to become jio Prime member when you successfully pay rupees 99.
6. After the payment is completed, then you can enjoy on the jio services and offers.

7.After thatPay Rs 303 For 1 Month to get Unlimited Internet without Limit & Voice Calls.

From Jio App: – Open My Jio app > Recharge > Prime Membership

Subscribe to Jio Prime using Jio site

If you are not interested in going through the app when you can also use in jio site which is available for the users in order to subscribe as a member for jio Prime.
For this, you should first visit with your recharge official website.
2. Next, you should enter your jio number and then click on submit option.
3. After this, you should select jio Prime membership.
4. Now you should proceed to pay rupees 99 in order to become jio Prime member.
5. Within few minutes jio prime will be activated for your number and can use all the services offered by the Reliance jio.
6.After that Pay Rs 303 For 1 Month to get Unlimited Internet without Limit and Voice Calls.

From Reliance Jio Website: Visit Reliance Jio Portal > Click on Plans from top left > Login > Choose Reliance Jio Prime Membership > Pay

Subscribe to Jio Prime number from Jio Store

If you are not interested in becoming a jio Prime member from your mobile through any of the apps, then you can directly go and visit the nearest jio Store.
1.First visit to jio store jio partner store.
2. Once you visit the store, then you should ask other stuff in the store in order to subscribe your number to jio Prime membership subscription.
3. Then the staff will do rest of the work and then you should pay Rs 99 via cash or card.
4. After that, your number will be activated for jio prime via jio store, and now you can enjoy all the jio offers.

5.After that Pay Rs 303 For 1 Month to get Unlimited Internet without Limit and Voice Calls.

Eligibility For Jio Prime

The basic eligibility in order to become jio Prime member is to have a jio sim and then you should enrolled between 1st and 31st March 2017. So the members who will register within the provided period when the music and enjoy the prime numbers available for jio subscribers. You should also be basic fees of rupees 99 has a subscription charges.

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