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Oneplus has announced its best smartphone contest where the users can get a chance to win Rupees 1 crore. And this is one of the major news for all the people in India about the biggest offer of Oneplus in order to win 1 crore rupees challenge contest. There is a successful comeback of Oneplus 1 rs flash sale which is going to be one of the biggest set back offer. And the biggest offer is available with flat 1 crore rupees to the Mega winners of this offer. The winners will be awarded 1 crore rupees and it is not easy to win this Mega prize. Even though you cannot win the Mega price but still you can get some small prices with Rupees 1500 as an Amazon gift card and much other surprising bonuses. In this article is you will find all the details on Oneplus one crore contest and the price details along with the process how to wind one plus one crore content makeup price.

About Oneplus one crore contest

Many of the people are very much excited to know about the real concept behind Oneplus one crore contest. This mega offer came into existence after the two Mega Oneplus 1 rs flash sales. In this latest offer, they are only rewarding the official buyers which means that the people who brought one plus 3T in the contest period are only eligible in order to enter into the main contest. And these people will only be eligible in order to enter into the main draw. Then the winners will have a chance to get a golden ticket in order to participate in the next draw. But in case if you cannot buy Oneplus 3T and if you still want to participate in the contest then you can also be a part of this contest in and alternative way. So everybody can get into the contest in order to participate in the draw which means that you need to work on increasing the point once you get enough points you are good to go. So this contest is open for everyone to participate in Win 1 crore rupees.

Oneplus Win 1 Crore Rupees Challenge Contest Register

How to win Oneplus One crore Rupees Contest

In this contest is completely based on winning the tickets in order to win the tickets you should gain a required number of points. The participants who get the maximum points will be eligible in order to enter into the draw. And in the draw, the lucky people will be awarded with golden tickets and it will be eligible only for few participants. In order to know more about Oneplus one crore contest, you should visit the sales page which is helpful to know about the procedure and the pattern involved in it. To make it very brief we have provided the steps in order to win Oneplus 1 crore contest.

Register Now For One Plus 1 Crores Rupees Content

  1.  You should earn maximum points of up to 200 points every week by completing simple tasks.
  2. If you once successfully get 1200 points then redeem against lucky draw ticket which will be eligible for you.
  3. In the lucky draw, there may be a chance in which you will get a golden ticket.
  4. And then the winners can play the final round with Amitabh Bachchan.
  5. In this final round, you will be getting a chance to win one 1 crore rs.

In this contest, anyone can participate and get a chance to win the awarded cash prize. And the name is abilities of this contest is to have a maximum number of points in order to gain ticket and then you should cracked in the final round with Amitabh Bachchan in order to get the awarded cash amount.

Win Oneplus one cock contest prize

In this contest, there will be only one mega winner who will be the lucky person to take away one crore prize money. Even though 1 crore is only awarded to one person but still the other people will also be awarded with a minimum of Rupees 1500 as an Amazon gift card. This Amazon gift price is available for the people who get more points months they hold a chance to win Oneplus 3T. And there will be about ten people who can get Oneplus 3T mobiles.

  • One plus 3T: The Top 10 of Leaderboard Challenge
  • Amazon Gift Card: Redeem with points
  • Lucky Draw Ticket: Redeem with points

Oneplus One Crore Contest Registration process

For this sale, you must be able to complete all the challenges which will be provided for each and every individual every week. And the total number of challenges will be 6 which will be available for 6 weeks completely. If you successfully complete all the tasks then you will gain 1200 points which are the eligibility criteria. If you get 1200 points then you will be getting a golden ticket in which you can participate in the draw to win the Mega price.

  • In order to register for Oneplus one crore challenge, you can directly go to the page or visit the official website.

I voted for #OnePlus3T as India’s Best Rated Smartphone. Participate and you can win Rs 1 crore #OneCroreOnePlus                                                                          

  • One crore Oneplus registration Start Date: 9th March
  • One crore Oneplus registration End Date: 13th April


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