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Namotel Mobile For Rs 99 Book Online For A Cheapest Smartphone

Namotel Rs.99 Smart Phone The smartphone market is driving towards manufacturing the most affordable budget-oriented and much cheaper smartphones these days. Usually, a smartphone would cost more than Rs. 3000 to get all the essential features and specifications. But, how could a manufacturer of the smartphone provide a handset at a low cost ranging below Rs? 500 and Rs. 200. It sounds quite bizarre and shocking. But, the smartphone makers are making it real and designing a device at the extremely cheaper price.

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A few months back, we have seen the world cheapest smartphone namely Freedom 251 which was priced at just Rs. 251. The smartphone has created massive buzz and hype across the social media and left many questions unanswered. Ringing Bells was the company that came with world’s cheapest phone at Rs. 251 and disappointed everyone. Now, a Bengaluru-based company namely ‘Namotel’ has come up with a new Smartphone which is available at a price of Rs. 99. Can’t believe it? Shockingly, the price of the smartphone is just Rs. 99 and the name of the smartphone areNamotel Acche Din.”

Namotel Acche Din – World’s Cheapest Smartphone

At a press conference held in Bengaluru on Tuesday, the promoter of Namotel, Madhava Reddy allegedly advertised the world’s cheapest smartphone, the Namotel Achhe Din, for just Rs. 99. The word cheapest wouldn’t be sufficient to describe the smartphone. The company’s promoter Madhava Reddy confirmed that the Smartphone will be made available for pre-booking from May 17 to May 25, 2016, on the company’s website However, the exact booking process is not perfect and the website isn’t opening when people had tried to book the Smartphone.
The website adds, “This model is limited and it is applicable only for India and who holds Aadhaar Identity.”
Potential purchasers are required to register on website to proceed with the payment process. The buyer of the smartphone will get a user ID and password and those credentials are required to book the Smartphone on namotel. For registration on website, users need to pay a one-time lifetime membership fee of Rs 199. But is not even opening and continuously showing the database error while users tried to access it.

Specifications of Namotel Acche Din

• Namotel Acche Din is the world’s cheapest smartphone that features a 4-inch display with a pixel resolution of 480×800 pixels WVGA resolution.
• The smartphone runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating system.
• The device offers a RAM of 1GB.
• On the storage front, the device provides an internal Storage of 4 GB which can be further expandable up to 32 GB through microSD card slot.
• In terms of Camera, the device comes equipped with a 2MP back camera and VGA selfie camera are fixed to the phone.
• On the connectivity front, the new Namotel Acche Din smartphone offers the following connectivity options:
• 3G connectivity
• Dual-SIM

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How to Register for Benmybanker Mobile Registration Inorder to Buy Namotel Rs.99 Smartphone  Achhedin Mobile & Namotel Aazadi Smart Phones from Namotel So here is the step by step Process to Register for Benmybanker Mobile Registration and Get Benmybanker ID to buy the Namotel Achhedin Mobile & Namotel Aazadi Smart Phones from Namotel

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How to Book Namotel Smartphone?

Namotel Acche din Rs.99 Smart Phone Namotel Bookings Namotel Registrations Opens From May 17th 2016 To May 25th 2016  Namotel Phone Booking  Rs.99 Namotel Mobile Here are the simple steps that help you book the world’s cheapest smartphone – Namotel Acche Din at the official website of the company. Just follow the below given steps:
Step 1: Initially, log on to the official website Namotel.
Step 2: Navigate through the website to find out the Namotel Mobile Android Smartphone.
Step 3: You can then see the‘Book Now’ button. Simply hit the button.
Step 4: You need to enter some of your details like your Name, Email ID, Mobile Number and Address as per the instructions are shown on the web page.
Step 5: You need to provide precise details. Once re-check all your details and hit the Submit button to proceed.
Step 6: You have now completed the Namotel Mobile Online Booking at Rs.99/-.
Step 7: Now, you need to head to the next stage where you need to make the payment.
Step 8: Just follow the instructions on the screen and make Payment for the Mobile.
The website of the Namotel Company shows that the price of the Namotel Acche Din smartphone has been slashed from Rs 2,999 to Rs 99. The Smartphone is also available on the cash-on-delivery basis, but nominal delivery charges will be charged.The company has not yet announced the number of units available. Also, it hasn’t mentioned the details of the smartphone like its date of delivery.

Register For Namotel Rs.99 Smartphone 

Namotel Mobile Bookings was Closed

Mobile is Available for  Cash on Delivery Only just Place on order Dont Hesitate

Smartphone @ Rs. 99 – Is it Fake or Real?

Bengaluru-based company that has made an announcement of its new smartphone which is priced at the cost of Rs. 99. The company seems to offer the smartphone at such a cheaper price seems to be quite implausible. But, the pricing of the smartphone has been kept low in order to just promote the branding of the company and the error in opening the website, loading time, and there are few other reasons that indicate the smartphone to be an indication of misleading the people and it might be a scam or notion of endorsing their business.

We have already seen two smartphones priced at extremely low and cheapest price range. Freedom 251 and Docoss X1 are the latest world’s cheapest smartphones. The smartphone segment saw a buzz in the month of February when Ringing Bells launched its Freedom 251 smartphone at just Rs. 251. The smartphone made headlines for over a couple of weeks and drew the complete attention of the entire world. Freedom 251 from Noida-based start-up Ringing Bells however soon lost its gleam.Now, the Namotel Acche Din smartphone has crossed the duo and offered the device at just Rs. 99.

Bearing in mind the situation of the Freedom 251 smartphone, one cannot be assured of this smartphone either. However, for those engrossed in looking it out, you can follow the above-mentioned process of booking it online.

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