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UIDAI Adhar Card Status Aadhar is a 12 digit Unique Identity Number which is issued by the Indian government to give proof of individual resident of India. All the responsibility of Aadhar card number and other identification cards will be taken by the Unique Identity Authority of India which is the main function of the planning commission of India. The main motto of Aadhar card has a single, Unique Identity document on the number that would capture all the details which include demography and biometric information of each and every individual in India. They are some other prove identities like passport, Permanent Account Number, driving license and ration card but none of these can replace the identification document that is Aadhar card.

How To Apply For Aadhar card

  • Go to apply for the Aadhar card application through online then you need to go to the official link https://appointments.uidai.gov.in/ where you will get the appointment form online.
  • After that, you should feel some details like name, email and phone number. You should be very careful while giving your phone number since this number will be helpful for you show that if you want to know any information. So that you may not face any trouble before you get the Aadhar card
  • After filling the personal details then you need to select the enrollment center and then you should select the date and time of the appointment through aadhar card status 2017 online.
  • It is compulsory for the individuals who apply for Aadhar card should visit one of the other card center. After visiting the Aadhar card center, they will be registered for the Aadhar Card respective of whether you have obtained through online or through any Android mint center.

Use of Aadhar Card

Acquisition of passport
The process of acquisition of your passport you need to have another card as a proof of Identity. So individuals who would like to obtain a passport can apply for the same online by simply attaching their Aadhar Card has the proof of residence.

Opening bank account
If you want to open a bank account, then you need to show them the proof of Identity. So another card will act as one of your valid proof of Identity when you apply for any bank account.

Digital life certificate
The Jeevan pram for pensioners is one of the schemes that is introduced by Narendra Modi. By using the Aadhar card number, the pensioners can get the pension without leaving their home.

Receipt of monthly pension
The other card can be used by the retired government offices to have registered with the prospective departments so that timely pension payments can be paid.

Jan Dhan Yojana
The Jan Dhan Yojana will only accept your Aadhaar card as the proof of identity for opening the bank account.

Distributing provident fund
Do individuals who are linked up with the Aadhar card to have their pension amount can have their provident fund which is distributed directly to the account through their PF organization.

LPG subscription
By using the Aadhar Card based direct benefit transfer, you can get your LPG subscription. The distributor of LPG will be linked up with the Aadhar card so that it will be easy for them to reach your bank account directly using the 12 digit Unique Identity.

  • Aadhaar is Digital ID Proof
  • Aadhaar must for buying new vehicle
  • Use Aadhaar for new SIM Card

Aadhar Card Status - UIDAI Download Adhar Card Online

How to Check Adhar Card Status

Follow these steps given below to check the status of Aadhar card application online.

  • Go to the Aadhar Card status enquiry page on the website of UIDAI.
  • Then you should check for Aadhar Card acknowledgment slip. And at the top of the sleep, you will find 14 digits and roll number and a 14 digit date and time of enrollment. You should keep this details handy.
  • In the two fields, you should give the number of EID and time or date.
  • After that, you need to type the capture that is provided for you.
  • After that click on cheque status.
  • Once you click on it, you will be provided with the status of your Aadhar Card and roll application.
  • So by using this, you can easily check the status of your new application.
Aadhar Card Status Enquiry Tollfree Number 1800-300-1947

Few things to be taken care while visiting Aadhar Card Enrollment Center

  1. You should take the required documents with you to the enrollment center.
  2. At the time of registration, the individual should provide identity and address proof to verify for the application of Aadhar card.
  3. In order to prove your identity, you can provide one of the 18 options listed in UIDAI specifications.
  4. And in case you want to prove your address then you can provide one of the 33 options which are given by UIDAI.
  5. You should provide your photo, fingerprint and-and iris scan at the registration center.
  6. After the completion of the process then you will have chances to give the details given by you once again to make sure that all the details are correctly filled by you.

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